Getting Stronger

This past week a lot of progress has been noticed not only by people around me, but myself. I’ve said it before, but it’s very hard to see all the progress you’re making when you’re living it everyday. People always say to me “you could not do that two months ago”, and I always think about it and realize they’re totally right. Others who also suffer from a spinal cord injury say the same thing, they don’t realize how far they’re coming until somebody reminds them.

Recently my best friend, Paige, took on the caregiver role for me. I must say I am loving it. Instead of having a random stranger (no offense to care givers), I have my closest friend. She’s also really strong, so doing physical therapy stuff is a lot easier. Anyways, what I wanted to say is the other day at Next Steps she walked with me and the walker. Paige has seen me walk with the walker and a trainer many times, but this time she got to try it. It went awesome! I must say, my trainer has some competition… It was so gratifying to hear someone who lives this injury with me everyday say how amazed she was of how little she had to do, and how proud she was. That was the best feeling ever. It makes me notice how far I have come since that first day. I’m very grateful to have such a dedicated friend who makes my recovery such an important priority.

I have a Power Plate at home, which is a machine that vibrates at high frequencies to contract all the muscles in your legs, trunk and lower back. When I first started using it about four months ago I needed two people assisting me. One on the left leg holding at my knee and hip, and one on the right doing the same. The handle bars also vibrate, making it even harder. Well, now I only need one person there I case my knee buckles or something. Progress is still being made and all the hard work over the last 20 months is paying off in a big way.