Shaving my Legs

I was very indecisive when it came to what my first “How To” video was going to be about. Most things I do, although they astonish others, go unnoticed by me because they’re so unremarkable now. For example, shaving my legs. 90% of the people I asked what they’d like me to blog about said shaving my legs. So, naturally, I wanted the first “How To” blog to be about this subject. At first I was a little skeptical about posting this because I know there are going to be some people out there who see this in an unscrupulous manner. That said, this video is being shared exclusively to educate others on how disabled people are still “able” to do every day things. More importantly it’s being shared with the desire to give other paralyzed girls and women some pointers on shaving their legs.

I find this particular way to be even less complicated than shaving in the shower, mainly because you have more control given that your not soaking wet and slippery. It actually took me a long time to figure out how to shave my legs after I moved into my apartment, because the hot water in the shower only lasts about 10 minutes. I used to just shave my legs in the shower back at home. My showers would last like 45 minutes, damn do I miss those long hot showers! So, after a lot of freezing cold shower fails, I decided to try the bathroom sink. I am extraordinarily flexible, so because of that I am able to shave them there. If you’re not as flexible as me, it may be worth your while to try just keeping your leg bent with your foot on another chair or the toilet, whatever the case may be, and shave them like that. Or in the shower, that may be easier for less flexible girls. It all depends on the person.

All that being said, I hope you enjoy the video!



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