Pain Management

Imagine spraining both ankles a day before you had plans to run a marathon. Now, imagine having no choice but to still run that marathon. Even though your doctor told you that all you should be doing is relaxing, you have no choice in the matter.

Now, it’s the day of the race and your ankles are swollen and in excruciating pain just barely baring any weight on them. How do you find the the encouragement to still race? Every step you take feels as if you’re going to collapse on the floor. This type of struggle is where you’ll truly find out how much inner strength you have.

Over the last year my biggest struggle in this recovery has definitely been my neck/back pain. Because I have to compensate for my lower extremities with my upper body so much, the pain in my neck has gotten to an all time high. Any physical activity I participate in causes neck pain. You’re probably thinking.. Well just go take a pain killer. Touché. But when I do take pain killers it numbs my body, leaving me unable to move my legs. So me being the stubborn human being I am, I would rather not take them and endure the chronic pain just to be able to participate in therapy and continue to make noticeable progress.

That didn’t have such a great outcome. My neck pain got so bad that my doctor told me to “take it easy for a week or so”. The first day or so it was nice to just relax in the cool air conditioning but after that any person would go a little stir crazy. Before the accident I was always on the go. Rarely would I spend a whole day laying around doing nothing, it’s just not the type of person I am. During my downtime in the last week I’ve looked into a lot if different pain management options. The best option for my pain is steroid injections into my cervical spine. Let me just say I am not a fan of needles. But if it will help the pain like the doctors are saying it will then it will be worth every tear I cry when the needle (which is the same size as an epidural) pokes into my most tender spot.

If I have learned anything in the past year, it’s that nothing lasts forever. I’ve faced many of my fears throughout my recovery process, and this is just another one of my fears that is meant to be overcome. Once my pain subsides, I personally think that’s when we’re all going to see some incredible progress. Once the pain is gone there literally will be nothing holding me back from reaching my full potential. Although I’m afraid of this whole process I know it will be worth it!


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